Time to make life easier. Raffle Network allows you to Create, Manage, Track, Pick Winners and Pays your organization all Online!
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Fast, easy & reliable fundraising

Set your prizes and ticket prices

Be fast using Raffle Calculator

Share the Raffle with your contacts

Create your Raffle and our Contact Engine allows you to instantaneously Share with whomever you choose

Ticket Sales directly to your Account

Every time your Team Member makes a sale, the funds automatically deposit to your bank account

All you need to get rolling

Start Setting up your Raffle now for FREE!

Use Contact Engine to quickly identify, select and invite friends and family to partake in your Raffle.

Once you share your Raffle with friends and Family the Raffle Network System alerts and reminds those invited to donate - virtually guaranteeing a successful result for your organization.


No More Collection Efforts. Sales go directly into your Bank Account.

Raffle Network collaborates with Stripe Payment Systems to make sure of a safe secure online transaction.

Stripe stores all your organization's payment and financial data in one safe place which you can manage through your Raffle Network account.

Raffle Network does not see or store Credit Card information.


Setting Up your Raffle is easy & free


Setup your organization and invite your sellers to join.


Create a raffle by answering some questions pertaining to your group's goals.


Invite people in your networks to participate in your raffle for a chance to win a prize!